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This is me, Dr Suzanne Jones BSc (Hons), PGCE, MA, DEdCPsy CPsychol. I am a chartered, HCPC registered Educational and Child Psychologist and SEND Specialist based in Shropshire.

I have been supporting families and educational settings for over 20 years to promote change and improvement at an individual, group, class and whole school level, from nursery to post 16 Colleges including mainstream and special schools. 

My services are tailored to the concerns raised and the needs of the individuals I work with, including the individual pupils, educational settings, services and families. Take a look at my blog which covers common concerns that are shared with me, including brief case studies summarising my involvement and top tips.

In all cases, my aim is to improve outcomes and support emotional wellbeing. This can range from exploring and identifying learning needs such as memory difficulties, literacy difficulties and/or attention difficulties for example, to supporting children to recognise and manage emotions such as anxiety, low mood and anger to supporting schools to develop systems for improving behaviour for learning or whole school literacy interventions. 

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Assessment - Psychological assessments often involve gathering information about a child or young person’s needs using methods such as observation, pupil interviews, interviews with adults who know them well and one to one assessment. Psychological assessments can help:

  • identify how children and young people learn

  • how they interact with peers and adults

  • how they manage their emotions and cope with day to day life.

Consultation - Meeting with parents or carers and other professionals to discuss a child or young person’s needs and how best to help them.

Supervision - Supervision focuses on both the personal well-being and professional development of the supervisee and offers a reflective space for the supervisee to consider their work and their responses to it.

Therapeutic support/intervention - Therapeutic involvement can be helpful to children/young people struggling with anxious thoughts, perfectionism, low mood or angry feelings for example. Dependent on the presenting difficulty the therapeutic approach may draw from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy principles, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy approaches or Narrative Therapy methods.

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